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No matter how unusual or simple your data extraction request is, we can do it for you. We will get all the data you need, avoid anything you don't, and for less time and money than anywhere else.

We will scrape it for you.

For more than a decade we've been specializing in efficient and accurate gathering of data, normalizing and delivering as meaningful and immediately usable information.

Customer Quotes

  • “Data Extraction has done several projects for me. Each and every one of them has come out exactly as I specified and they have always gone out of their way to make sure everything works out well.”

    Bill McIntosh, MBC Management Group, Inc.,
  • How we do it
    We will quickly provide data from any website using our in-house Web Data Extraction Engine. It can automatically log into websites, recognize emails, links, even recognize snail mail addresses from a free formatted text. Using our engine, we can quickly develop data extraction scripts adjusted to individual extraction projects and deploy it on our servers. The data passes through our...
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Our data extraction process consists of three basic steps: analysis, extraction, QA.

  • Your data extraction requirements

Please submit the form on the right. We will receive notification moments later and begin analysis. This will result in a quick response, usually within an hour. We usually exchange a couple of emails to find out all the details of the extraction you need. This is followed by our quote.

  • Extraction

Upon accepting our pricing, we schedule the work and get your job done within 1-3 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • QA

Prior to sending the final data file, data passes through our elaborate QA process. We make sure the result of our work is exactly what you need so you have the least possible overhead communicating with us.

  • Data mining (optional)

We  analyze the extracted data, finding patterns, association rules, historical activities, …

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Please submit the form on the right with your data extraction requirement. We will perform in-depth analysis of your request, and suggest the best possible solution – standard or custom. If you don’t have a precise technical specification, our data extraction experts will provide free consultation.

We will efficiently get to the essence of your data extraction project. We keep records of the work done with you using industry-standard SugarCRM client relationship management solution. So if you choose to hire us again, we’ll be able to easily retrieve prior work and the expectations you have.

We will provide you with the best possible price for our highest quality services. We  guarantee you won’t find this kind of pricing and quality of service anywhere else.

Each data extractor we create uses three essential components:

  1. in-house data extraction engine
  2. the vast experience we have in extracting data from 1000+ websites
  3. a number of custom data extraction solutions which we can apply to your situation including GUIs, custom data integrity checks, integration services, etc.

This enables us to provide high quality result for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Our Quality Assurance program begins with automatic tests of your data using our in-house data testing engine. Every single record passes through the data integrity tests, which will find errors that otherwise could be missed.

Should you require ongoing extraction, we will create more custom automatic tests for your data so you can always be sure all data passes tests.

Automatic tests are followed by manual testing – 30 random records from the extracted data will be looked at and compared with the source website. Only after this human test, the data will be delivered to you in the format you have specified.

Data mining can follow data extraction so you can make sense of the data extracted. We can:

  • analyze trends
  • find patterns
  • association rules
  • perform predictive analytics
  • find historical business activities

This process can be completely separate of extraction. You may already have the data which we have to mine.

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